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Toriko Oc: Crimson Channel. by theFallenSENTIENT18 Toriko Oc: Crimson Channel. :iconthefallensentient18:theFallenSENTIENT18 2 0 Warframe weapon upgraded look 2.0.... by theFallenSENTIENT18 Warframe weapon upgraded look 2.0.... :iconthefallensentient18:theFallenSENTIENT18 0 5 Art challenge accepted Johnnie (HunterBoiX)  by theFallenSENTIENT18 Art challenge accepted Johnnie (HunterBoiX) :iconthefallensentient18:theFallenSENTIENT18 0 0 Warframe Weapon Contest  1.0 by theFallenSENTIENT18 Warframe Weapon Contest 1.0 :iconthefallensentient18:theFallenSENTIENT18 0 2
Mature content
Abusive Salem x Male Reader :iconthefallensentient18:theFallenSENTIENT18 0 2
Valentine's Day :D
Happy Valentine's Day everybody this will be short because it shows some people giving things to other
-At beacon it is Valentine's Day and now they are making their cards getting gifts and giving them to their lovers
Jaune/Mag: alright let's hope that these cards, and this gift will workwill work.
Ash: hmm I should make a card to ruby because she is a good friend
-at atlas-
Frost prime: hey winter!
Winter:yes you need something.
Frost prime: here you go *gives a envelope with 10 white lien cards (1000). With a bag of sweets that she loves and a poem*
Winter: *glomps him*Thank you! Also *reads the poem and kisses him*
(The poem is "Your aura is A fragment my heart, and so it mine but together it shines in love and happiness.")
Chroma: heh nice.
-at beacon-
Pyrrha/Mag prime: hey jaune.
Jaune: oh hey Pyrrha, hey Mag prime.
Pyrrha: uh jaune we have something to say.
Jaune: u-uh what is it?
Mag prime/Pyrrha: we love you *shows their gifts and cards to him*
Jaune: u-
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Tennos of Remnant (filler kinda/omake of sorts 2)
(Before we can begin this chapter I have two new babies Valyr prime and Saryn prime. now let's begin this chapter.)
Glynda: oh hey your Excalibur.
Excal:hello,Glynda right?
Glynda:yes also your older sister Titania told me something,about an assassin.
Excal:who is it.
Glynda:he looks like you but different helmet armor weapon and has some friends that look like some of your family but with the same helm,and the helm has a single eye and it has rings around i-
They need to hear about this bye guys.
Glynda:well good bye,I'm gonna ask ozpin about something.
Weiss:so what now..
Ruby:so what do you want to do???
Operator:can I see your room?
Ruby: okay then.
Weiss:wait what-
Operator:LETS GO THEN!
-at vale-
Nyx prime:hhmmmmm...
What should I do now?*sees library*looks like I'll just learn some information.
Nyx primes minds:sure beats those F-ing spy missions.
When nyx prime got to the library she meet one of team RWBY's tea
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Oberons Awakening.
His Awakening...
In a old forest untouched by demonic energy and the order is an small elven village, and near it is an old cave that none of them goes due to it having an ominous power. Now due to a new leader they sent a small group of warriors to check out the area and see what's in it,they though the cave was small but it was massive and goes deep in the earth,they went on for a while until they were attacked by a group of incubi insurgents.the fight went downhill for the both of them because to due the ground crumbling away quickly causing most of them to die from the fall.
Only one elf and two incubi insurgents survived when the elf woke up and saw the two incubi walking towards her she quickly ran in a random cave entrance and they followed as well trying to catch her.she constantly throw rocks and shot at them but failed.after awhile they got to her and before they do something with her, one of them accidentally walked on something.
(Serena's P.O.V)
and then the entire room tha
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Tennos of Remnant the white fang's new members
-At the white fangs base in the initiation room.-
Roman:everyone I would like to make an announcement.
White fangs member:what's going on?
White fang member 2:IDK just be quiet.
Roman:we have new powerful recruits, here they are would you like to show yourselves and your names.
-shadow stalker appears out of a cloud of smoke and his acolytes appear behind him as well-
Shadow Stalker:hello I am the Shadow Stalker,and these are my friends the Acolytes.
Malice:hello I am malice.
Mania:hi I am mania.
Torment:I am torment.
Angst:I am angst.
Misery:good evening I am misery.
Violence:sup I'm violence.
Mercury:you guys look weak.
Misery:*throws ether reaper near his head* just shut up.
Mercury:*sweating* alright! Alright! Chill just chill.
   now due to the new members shadow stalker would you like to say what you are after.
Shadow Stalker:we are after these people *show image of the Tenno and their operstor* they will suffer for their sins and will die but we will help yo
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Tennos of Remnant part 5
-at glynda's stadium/room-
Jaune:*hah hah*
Jaune:come one...  *RRRAAHH*
Cardin:*dodges* this is the part where you lose.
Oberon (in a private channel with the other team members):this dude more rude than vor.
Mag prime(private channel as Oberon):know.
Wukong(private channel):yes he is.
Jaune: over my dead-*grunt*body.
Cardin:*almost slams his mace on jaune.*
Glynda:that's enough Cardin,as you can see students mr arc's aura is in the red,in a tournament style duel this will indicate that jaune is no longer fit for battle.and the official may call the match.and Mr. Arc please refer to your scroll when in need combat,gauging your aura will help you to decide when it's appropriate to attack.or when it is better to move for a more defensive strategy, we wouldn't want you to get gobbled up by a Beowulf wouldn't we.
Oberon:except for team C.R.D.L and a few things you are making jaune feel a bit depressing and for us, the Tenno we keep on  fighting the enemies until there
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Tennos of Remnant Omakes or sorts 1
(This chapter is a day where the frames are doing things they do on their free time,and not doing missions ok.)
-In T.A.M.O.W room-(its 7:30 AM)
Oberon:Jesus not so loud.
Ash:na it's ok the rooms soundproof.
Oberon:how do you know?
Ash:I ask banshee to test it,the rooms sound proof.
Mag prime:let's get this done.
Wukong:done unpacking.
Oberon:let's get started.
-Oberon placing shelves and books,ash placing paintings and pics/Noggles,Mag prime placing beds,Titania adding couches and chairs,ash and Oberon cleans up,mag prime adds curtains,and finally Titania store our items.-
Titania:There finished
Oberon:now what's next?
-knocking on door-
Mag prime:who's that?
-opens door-
Jaune:uh hey...
Mag prime: oh hey jaune,what are you doing here?
Jaune:c-c-can I have a sparr with you but only use your blade and your pull ability please.
Mag prime:alright I'll put a bit of training tips as well.
Oberon:imma take a talk in the park.
Ash:imma study
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Drake Adams my adventure time Oc... by theFallenSENTIENT18 Drake Adams my adventure time Oc... :iconthefallensentient18:theFallenSENTIENT18 5 0
Tennos of Remnant pt 3
The next day at the court yard.
Ozpin: well looks like this year is gonna be very insteresting.
Glynda: mph.
Volt/Rhino prime: ahem.
-both suddenly look behind them and seeing volt and rhino prime-
Volt prime: I would like too have a talk to with the headmaster if he's around.
Glynda*readies her crop*
Ozpin: don't Glynda.
Glynda: fine!
Ozpin: I'm the head master what do you need help with?
Rhino prime: so you the headmaster we need help our ship need repairs so we need some help.
Ozpin: why don't you ask some mechanics?
Volt prime: the reason why is that they don't know what it is.
Glynda: what do you mean?
Rhino prime: ORDIS get the ship here.
ORDIS: affirmative.
ORDIS then broughten the ship here and the two were suprised to see it the looks and tech of it was highly advance even put atlas tech to shame.then the headmaster spoke.
Ozpin: where are you from?
Volt prime: the SOL/Origin system.
Ozpin: so your from alien from space.
Volt prime: yes.
Glynda: how do we know your not trying
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Tennos of Remnant pt 2
-Back to the where vauban,Excalibur,chroma,Titania meet Nora and ren-
REN: what was that???
Excal: my third ability... radial javelin,i forced my sword into the ground and create javelins to pierced through enemies and for some it weaken them.but for those who died it forced them to be connected to any wall of sorted causing death.the other three are slash dash,radial blind,and my Ultimate EXALTED BLADE,the bad news it that is am now out of energy now I have to wait for it to regenerate... I hate my self right now.
Ren: so basically your EXALTED BLADE is like a semblance.
Vauban: what's a semblance?
Ren: basically our ultimate.
-at the ruins-
Yang: why don't we choose a cute little pony.
Blake: heh oh.
Yangs: what's that noise?
*ruby proceeds to get tackled in the sky by jaune who was thrown by a death stalker*
Blake: uuuhhh did your sister fell from the sky?
*URSA roar*
Aww it's broken
Ren: Nora *hah* please *hah* don't
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Tennos of Remnant pt 1
In the remnant:
Yangs: OOHHHH I can't believe that my baby sisters is going beacon with me,this is the best day ever omg!!!
Ruby: please stop...plz
Yangs: but I'm so proud of you though.
Ruby: Really yang it was nothing really.
Yang: What do you mean it was nothing it was incredible!! Everyone and some of the teachers at beacon is gonna think that you are now the bees knees.
Ruby's pov: But I don't wanna be the bees knees.okay I just want to be any kind of knees I just wanna be a normal girl with normal knees okay.
Yang: What's with you aren't you excited!!!
Ruby: Of course I'm excited I-I got moved ahead two years.i don't want people to believe that I'm special or anything okay yang...
Yang: But you are special ruby.
Male tv reporter: the robbery was lead by nefarious criminal roman torchwick,who continues to evade the authorities constantly.if anyone have any information or leads on his whereabouts please contact the vale police department quickly,now back to you Lisa.
Female tv repo
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W.I.P Frost X Mei christmas by theFallenSENTIENT18 W.I.P Frost X Mei christmas :iconthefallensentient18:theFallenSENTIENT18 3 8


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Toriko Oc: Crimson Channel.
This is a red nitro Oc I made when I was rereading the Toriko Manga again. Note THIS IS NOT A FURRY.
Warframe weapon upgraded look 2.0....
I wasn't able to submitted this on the contest due to some PROBLEMS.....
after that I just decided to edit it and here the second variant of it.
Art challenge accepted Johnnie (HunterBoiX)
This is for a art challenge by a writer and deviant Johnnie (HunterBoiX,Minecraft1971.) and also the art challenge on wattpad.
Warframe Weapon Contest 1.0
This is for the Warframe weapon contest that will be ending at march 30,2017. The idea is a Corpus Sword and Shield that does mainly Radiation Damage.

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Abusive Salem x Male Reader-

You have been with Salem for a few years, at first it went well, but sometime during the years she became abusive and verbally and physically hit you and yell at you half of the day and night, from the looks of it she does it for her own pleasure and desire and doesn't care about you well being and mental state.

At first when she began to abuse you it didn't hurt that much because you had your aura unlocked but she had somehow locked it and now it has affected you.But the only times you were treated nicely when her allies and "pawns" are here during that she treats you nicely and feed you,but that is those are the only times that she treated you.

(Y/N'S P.O.V)


Salem:"HEY! Wake up right now, I know you are faking being asleep."

You were trying to sleep until you were woken up to by girlfriend Salem who was slapping you

Salem:"here are your clothes."

She throws your clothes that were not washed yet.

Salem:"after your done cleaning you clothes make my breakfast then your, after that we are going for a walk." After she left to the bathrooms you were struggling very hard getting up,cooking and washing your clothes because due to the injuries and locking your aura.So the effects of the beatings were taking their tolls on you.

When you were done cooking she also took yours as well for punishment of not waking up early enough and this went on for a week when you wouldn't wake  earlier than her.

After breakfast she gets her clothes on because it's a cold Autumn, so she have left you with only a shirt,jeans,socks,shoes,and a hat on. After a while of walking she had forgotten her scarf that was given by her "pawns" and allies in her house and forces yo to get it, so you did what she told you but after 10 minute walk you were attacked by a white fan soldier who didn't knew about Salem and her connection with the white fang and stabbed you while beating you up.

Random White Fang:"Heh let's see who will help your worthless ass now you Cunt."Then he left walking on the trail you were going with your girlfriend Salem. But you still continued on and was able to find her house and get she scarf.

(Salem's P.O.V)

After awhile of waiting and I decided I had enough and walked back to my house so I can torture (Y/N) for not getting my scarf in time I thought. But  when I was half way there I saw two blood trailers one was going to the house and the second had (Y/N)! I ran up to him and looked him and saw blank eyes voided of life and I saw he was giving something to me.

(Y/N):"H-h-here you go S-Salem... my L-"But before he was able to weakly finish his sentence he fell down and passed out I looked his new injuries and saw that he was losing blood quickly.

Yet I felt his pulse it was very weak. so I picked him up and ran to the nearest area with a hospital.When I got to the area with the hospital it was the base where Adam Taurus was currently at and he saw me and questioned what's wrong.

(3RD P.O.V)

Adam Taurus:"Salem! What's wrong?"

Salem:"help me (Y/N) is dying I need him alive!"

Adam Taurus:"I don't know, Why should I help you."

when I heard him said those word I yelled at him for not helping him even if he is a human, but he stopped me there and said the reason why.

Adam Taurus:"All of you friends/allies know about how you were abusing him, we tried to help him by making him run away for breaking up with you."

Then he tells me that he put down those offers because he still feel that you are his true Love and feels a lot of compassion from you, didn't want your heart to be shattered and permanently broken, and he also said that he will never leave your side.

I was shocked at this but he said something more.

Adam Taurus:"he even says that he was going to marry you at one point this was the ring he was going to give you to make the marriage official *he shows a picture on his scroll of two black gold rings with a blood red ruby in the middle of it with diamonds surrounding  it with 4 beowulve skulls holding the ruby *he knew how much you love Grimm as a favorite animal so he though he asked a private jeweler to make it for him."

Salem was crying at this point because she had realized after all of this time (Y/N) had loved her with all of his heart and was planning to marry her, and pleaded him to save his life. But luckily he finally agrees to save his life and I thank him for it.

Few hours later... (Y/N'S P.O.V)

I woke up to the hospital machinery and saw that I was in a bed with bandages all on me, to my left was Salem and I caress her face but she suddenly woke up and I quickly jerked my hand away from her scared..

Salem:"please don't, I'm sorry for  what I've done to you."


Salem:"yes, now sleep tomorrow I shall be more kind to you."

After that I fell asleep but before I slept she kissed me on the cheek and hugged me. Tomorrow came and she decided to released my aura so it could heal faster, and we went home while she I holding me near her like she is dependent on me.Years later we are married with a daughter coming on the way and I'm glad that she decided to stop being abusive to me.

This is a one shot okay.
Abusive Salem x Male Reader
This is a simple one-shot of salem x reader where she is abusive.


No journal entries yet.


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